Travel Insurance

In order to protect our guests travel safely and to avoid unnecessary losses, CYTS customers are provided full coverage of Travel Accident Insurance in China (excluding Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) at no extra charge. This plan provides insurance coverage that only applies during the covered trip. Coverage is offered by China Pacific Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and it is subject to Chinese insurance policy.

China Travel Accident Insurance Plan
Accident harm: Maximum amount: 280,000 yuan RMB/P.P
Accidental injury medical treatment: Maximum amount: 20,000 yuan RMB/P.P
Note: 18 years old below and 65 yeras old above insurant's maximum amount is 50,000 yuan RMB/P.P. 


You may need to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance. To get a quote and/or to purchase insurance with trip cancellation and interruption coverage, please click on the logo below:


If you need help to purchase insurance, please contact us. 

Have a pleasant trip.