Questions and Answers for China Tours

Q: Date and time of departure and return? 
A: Depart from San Francisco International Airport at 2:20pm, Air China. Return from Beijing/Shanghai at 11:50 AM, Air China, return from Hong Kong at 1:50pm, Cathay Pacific Airway. For those who are from outside of the United States, please check with the tour agency.

Q: Who should reconfirm flights 72 hours in advance? 
A: CTYS will reconfirm the flights. If you do not return with our tour group, please reconfirm your return flight at least 72 hours prior to flight departure. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your reservations.

Q: Are there any other travel documents I need to obtain besides my passport? 
A: No. It is a good idea to make copy of your passport and other important items such as credit cards in case loosing them.

Q: When do you need my passport for visa application and how soon do I get it back? 
A: Two months before your departure, send your passport to CYTS with certify mail. You will get the passports back in about two weeks.

Q: What immunizations are required? 
A: None.

Q: Are there any problems bringing prescription drugs? 
A: You can bring your doctor's prescription drugs. However, no illegal drugs are allowed in China. You should always pack your medicine in the carry on luggage.

Q: What insurance is provided and what do I need in addition? 
 In order to protect our guests travel safely and to avoid unnecessary losses, CYTS customers are provided full coverage of Travel Accident Insurance in China (excluding Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) at no extra charge. If you need to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance, please contact CYTS for details, we offer Travel Guard insurance. For medical insurance, contact your medical insurance provider for their international traveling coverage.

Q: When the full payment is due and what is the cancellation policy? 
 Full payment is due on 30 days before departure. Without the full payment CYTS will not be able to purchase the airplane ticket for you. Late payment may cause problem to reserve the ticket. Refer to the "Cancellation or Reservations" paragraph on the "Terms and Booking Conditions" for the cancellation policy. We recommend you to purchase cancellation insurance if you think you may cancel your trip.

Q: What additional expenses will I incur such as tips for guides, baggage handlers and the like? Are there any additional side trips? 
 Tips is about $8 per day. If you have one check-in baggage, there will be another $0.5 per check in and out of each hotel. Your itinerary is tied and most likely there is no much time left for additional side trip accept Food Massages.

Q: What is the best way of coveting money? 
 Bring some cash in the amount about $500 to $800. You can use your credit cards in most of the stores in China. Exchange your money at bank or hotel, currency rate is 1:6.5 as of 10/31/2017. Do not exchange money on street!

Q: How much should I plan on spending for souvenirs? 
A: It is difficult to set an amount for spending on souvenirs because each person has different needs. However, prepare about 15 one-dollar bills for street shopping. If you buy expensive items you can use your credit cards. Many souvenirs are available in Chinatown in the U.S. You should check the stores there before the trip.

Q: Am I going to places with special items for sale such as the rugs and silk products? How can these items be shipped home? 
A: Yes. The stores will take care the shipment. They usually use UPS for shipping.

Q: Can I spend time on myself without joining some group activities? 
 Yes, a few people chose to stay in the hotels instead of going to the night performances and activities.

Q: What is the restriction on luggage? 
A: Please see the "Baggage" paragraph on CYTS "Terms and Booking Conditions." Please note inside China, only one piece of check-in baggage not exceed 44 lb and one carryon are allowed. Addition baggage will be charged on your expense. The best way to pack is to use one medium to large size luggage and one carry on size luggage. The luggage should have wheels.

Q: Can I take lap top computers, digital camera and digital camcorder? 
A: Yes. Be aware that electricity in China is 220 volt, not 120 volt as in the U.S. You should bring an adopter if your equipment only use 110 volt. While you are out, you can lock valuable items such as the computers in safety box the hotels provided.

Q: Will the cameras and films be scanned? 
A: Yes, it will be scanned as similar as you go through the security checks in the U.S. airports.

Q: Are there restrictions on bringing in any items? 
 No pornography and politically restricted publications are allowed to bring into China.

Q: How do I communicate with my family home while I am in China? 
A: Hotels and cruise ships provide internet service. You can log in AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft for e-mail. In addition, you can also call or fax home. CYTS will provide you the phone and fax numbers of the hotels you stay before your departure.

Q: How safe is in China? 
A: It is safe to walk on the streets during the nighttime in China. In fact, many people from our groups walked and shopped at nights in the cities and they fell very safe.

Q: Can you recommend an inexpensive motel near SFO that provide transportation to and from SFO? 
A: Every motel near the airport is expensive. Travelodge (650-583-9600) is few miles form the SFO and has 24 hrs airport pick up shuttle. The price is about $100 for double bed per night. Another option is to stay in San Francisco, about 25 minutes driving to the Airport. Grant Plaza Hotel (415-434-3883) locates next to the gate of Chinatown, 3 blocks to Union Square. For a double-bed room it is about $76 per night. Airport shuttle bus to and from hotel is $11 per person. Taxi fee is about $35.