Useful Information for China Tours

The following information will help you plan a smooth tour in China.

Travel Document 
You need a Chinese visa to enter China. You must keep your passport along with Chinese visa by yourself all time in the tour.

Due to the length of the trip and local traveling conditions, it is advised that you consult your doctor for existing medical/dental conditions before departure. If you are taking prescription medicine, please pack (in your hand luggage) sufficient quantity for the duration of the trip. It may also be useful to bring aspirin, over-the-counter medicine for flu, indigestion, motion sickness, etc. 

Check in 
May we suggest you to arrive at the airport three hours prior to flight departure, check-in counter will be closed half hour before the scheduled departure time.

Money exchange 
Please exchange USD into RMB at Bank of China. Please do not do it at the black market. Save all your currency exchange receipts for possible customs inspection. 

The Chinese Customs has a rule that each passenger can bring duty-free goods as follows: 400 cigarettes, 2 bottles of liquor and RMB 20,000 in cash. It strictly forbids pornographic, reactionary goods and political printing materials. Merchandise labeled as “cultural relics” or “antique” may not be taken out of China without an official export license. Save all your purchase receipts for possible customs inspection. 

Summer, from May to September, is very hot, and that applies roughly to the country as a whole; the weather is hot and humid with a little rain in both north and south, but southern China also gets the monsoon from June to August.

The winter climate in the center and the south is usually relatively mild and never drops blew freezing point, unlike the north and north-west which have clear skies, icy winds and most snow to follow.

In spring and autumn be sure to take sweaters, jackets and possibly some form of rainwear. Good footwear is essential at any time of year.

Please note that the tips were not included in your tour cost, we suggest tipping as follows: 
US $3.00 per day per person to tour bus drivers. 
US $4.00 per day per person to local tour guides. 
US $3.00 per day per person to national tour guide (if any).

Flight re-confirmation 
CTYS will reconfirm the flights. If you do not return with our tour group, please reconfirm your return flight at least 72 hours prior to flight departure. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your reservations.

Air company phone numbers: 

Air China (CA):
USA: 1800-986-1985
China: 400-8100-999

United Airline (UA): 
Beijing: 10-6601-3336
Shanghai: 21-5239-7227

Cathay Pacific (CX): 
Hong Kong: 852-2747-1888
Beijing: 10800-852-1888

China Airline (CI): 
Hong Kong: 852-2868-2299
Taipei: 886-2-2715-1212

China Eastern (MU): 
Beijing: 10-64681166
Shanghai: 21-62472255

Have a good trip!